Define Woman?

29 Jun

Hello, again!  As a first time blogger I am still figuring out this whole blog thing and how it works so please bear with me (meaning the one reader I may have…..have to start somewhere? haha) I want to preface this by saying by no means was I an english major or a writer, and spelling was my least favorite subject in elementary school so I apologize to all who are any of the above….

Now back to that definition, at this point in my life I believe being a woman for me means a few things…

1. Properly functioning body- making sure my reproductive system is functioning properly and that I am nourishing my body in a way that is healthful, is essential for me as a 23 year old. I see so many women my age struggle to get this right and struggle to fuel themselves in a way so that their bodies can do something that it was designed to do!

2. Standing up for what I believe in- too often I see women give in to bosses, professors, and even parents on things they do not believe in.  Now I am not talking about a rule set in place to keep things fair or for safety reasons, but rather a rule when questioned gets a response of ‘well that is the way it has always been’. My thought on life is that if things are not always changing then they are never improving, so I am learning to challenge the things that are worth it to me.

3. Being myself- this one seems so obvious right?  Well, it also happens to be the toughest one for me!  I have learned through talking with professor and interviewing for jobs I often come off as “sweet, young, innocent.” Now while I may not be that old, and generally consider myself a kind person, this description comes off to me as “clueless, easily manipulated” which are two things I do not want to portray.  So, I am working on it, but at the same time I refuse to alter all aspects of myself just because I feel someone may be misreading me.  In fact I often respond to this by asking that person to give me a task, to challenge me, in a sense put me to the test!

So there you go, that is what being a woman means to me as of now…. What does it mean to you?

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


One Response to “Define Woman?”

  1. Kailey July 1, 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    AMEN to proper reproductive functioning!! It kills me to know how many women lack a period…

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